Alphabet Britain

In a bid to step outside of my comfort zone and take a holiday from my corporate life, I decided hang up my suit for a year and indulge a lifelong interest in the secret and little-understood communities of Great Britain. Using the alphabet as the backbone to my journey, I investigated 26 subcultures, from Aristocrats, Battle Re-enactors and Circus Performers to Xtreme Sport Fanatics, Yogi’s and ‘Zeitgeist’ Political Activists.

Over the course of the year I lived with each group, immersing myself in their social rituals and customs, often finding myself in compromising situations; from swimming naked with lawyers and vets, to casting spells with teachers and IT consultants. Whether dressed in tight latex and drinking with self- proclaimed vampires or fighting the undead in an epic LARP battle, I went deep into communities often heard about, but very seldom seen.

This blog charts my adventure.

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