The Girl who Lived

I realize the title to this post seems pretty grandiose, particularly if you are not a Harry Potter fan, but today I am owning it, because today marks precisely five years since my motorcycle accident. Five years since the day I was convinced that both the joys and burdens of life were no longer mine to bear. Five years since I didn’t die. Today is my crashiversary.  … More The Girl who Lived

One Year On…

Today marks the 12 month anniversary of the accident, and to mark the moment, I’ve made a video of the trials and tribulations of my year of recovery. I have so much to be grateful for, and feel very blessed to be here, surrounded by such wonderful people. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Mum’s Story – ICU

And so our days fall into a routine. The nurses come and go, all of them angels – yes, really – doctors, consultants, surgeons; the constant flow of Lucy’s support team. In between, I read, or talk with Lucy, take photos of what’s around her – her wee bag (Gladys), the controls of the bed, the … More Mum’s Story – ICU